farm walk

Seen from the Wood


On a recent Saturday morning, I drove over to the farm and went for a long walk. It was a nice cool summer morning and I was feeling the need to get outside a little bit. This is a mood that comes over me from time to time. I need to commune with Ma Nature a little bit on my own.


Creek Crossing


The path took me along the edge of one of the pastures and then turned into the woods and crossed a stream. I still get a kick out of crossing a stream by hopping from rock to rock. Now that I am getting up in age a little, I am far more careful than I was in my youth.

My sense of balance is not what it used to be. As a matter of fact, I am thinking about taking some yoga classes to see if they can help me become more limber and more balanced. If you take yoga, I'd like to hear from you on the subject.


Ready for Another Row


After emerging from the trees, I stumbled upon Jason and one of the farmers out in the sorghum field. They had Rosie harnessed up and were cultivating between the rows to keep the weeds down to a reasonable level.

Rosie is new to the farm and this was a good opportunity to get her some practice in harness.




Ready, Set,...


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