have you seen my chicken?

Have You Seen My Chicken?


Charlie was all in a huff as he walked up to me. "I can't find Clara" he sputtered. For those of you not in the know, Clara is Charlie's favorite chicken. He dotes on the bird, though I am not sure that Clara returns the favor, as she seems to regard Charlie as she would anybody else that fed her and snatched the eggs out from under her. 

There in lies the crux of the problem between Charlie and Clara. You see, Clara is just a chicken and likes to do chicken things. While, Charlie seems to regard the bird as you and I would a cat or a dog. Call as he might, Charlie will never get Clara to come running when he looks for her. She is too busy looking for bugs and worms to worry about Charlie. I'm not sure that Clara even knows she is named Clara.

So, while Charlie looked and searched for Clara, she kept on scratching and pecking. It's a tough path to go down, having a chicken for a pet.


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