haley and the horses

Maggie and Haley


I think you might remember little Haley from some of my previous posts. She is a remarkable little girl. An area that I have noticed Haley having an exceptional gift is with the horses on the farm. Not just the horses, anything equine, such as the mules and the donkeys seem to all love her.


Haley and Rose


The horses seem to universally ignore me and most other people. I could wave fresh clover and juggle apples while completely naked and they wouldn’t even glance in my direction. Haley on the other hand simply has to walk over to the fence and call their names. Soon, she has them all going all crazy for her affection.


Haley and Belle


I’ve noticed the “Haley Effect” on many occasions and have often wondered about her way with the horses. She doesn’t feed them treats . She does talk to them and she does pet them gently. Is it her gentleness or something else that they like about her?


Haley and Sarah 1


The Haley Effect only seems to apply to the equine breeds. Sarah, the resident barn cat, only tolerates Haley as much as she tolerates the rest of us. Pet her a little and scratch her ears a little more and she is about done with you.


Haley and Sarah 2


Once picked up, Sarah quickly frees herself and goes looking for someplace else to take her nap. The other farm animals just ignore Haley as they do the rest of us. The one exception might be Zack, the goat. Zack thinks he is a draft horse and that might be the reason he likes Haley. If she’s good enough for the rest of the horses, Zack figures she’s good enough for a goat-horse like him as well.


Who knows? However, as long as I see those horses become so affectionate in her presence, I will always find the reaction remarkable. Especially since they are never phased by somebody as wonderfully kind, good looking, intelligent, and friendly as me. Dumb assed horses. I don’t want to be your friends anyways. Me and the rest of.. I mean, me and the hogs are going to hang out in the sun for a while.



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One thought on “haley and the horses

  1. This is the sweetest. It’s wonderful that you notice these things about Haley. Her nature comes across in the photos, too…
    And you have a knack for humor. I laughed at the last bit. 😀


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