silently awaiting the dawn

Silently Awaiting the Sun 1


Saturday morning, my friend Jim Nash and I braved the sub-freezing winds to visit Mt. Tabor at sunrise. Cold does not begin to describe our experience.


Silently Awaiting the Sun 2


We'd braved similar cold the Saturday before, but the clouds and falling snow ensured that there was no dawn to see. This time, we only had to deal with the cold. The result was a series of shots showing the 19th century cemetery's head stones highlighted by the brightening skies. These two were my favorites.

Will they go into my annual book of favorite images? Probably not. In this case, it was the experience that is memorable, not  the images.



One thought on “silently awaiting the dawn

  1. You haven’t given us a story for quite some time. I think these pictures could be the beginning of a very interesting tale.
    You’ve already given it a title.
    My mind is already racing ahead.


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