long cold walk

Long Cold Walk

I was working on this image over the weekend and thinking about the poor folks in New England that were hammered by the recent blizzard.

Our snow is now  a memory, as the thermometer climbs this week to the lower 40s. And as you can see form the photo, it was measured in a few inches and not in the feet enjoyed by the north east. For my good friends buried under all that whiteness, I'll be thinking of you this week. Thinking of all that shoveling and slushy roads, and general miserableness that comes withe lots of snow. I'll be thinking about you while I walk around with just a sweater or vest. I'll be thinking about how much I love Ohio and Ohio's lack of snow.


2 thoughts on “long cold walk

  1. wow, I’m looking out the window now and we have so much snow it isn’t even funny. Remembering that we had a thaw and rain back in the end of January makes the amount of snow we have even funnier. Our snowbanks are 7-8 feet tall and we are not allowed to put our snow in the street. We shovel and the snow falls right back on our heads.
    Now for the photo. It is lovely. Feels like the old farmhouses out of town. I look at the snow and see all the little dibs and holes in it and wonder if you have a dog, surely your cat doesn’t like to run around in the snow!


  2. Maggie, we really don’t get that much snow in this part of Ohio. However, the winds blow right through and can make for some very cold winter days. Could you post a picture of your towering snow banks?


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