art in captivity

Art in Captivity


Another cold winter weekend and another visit to a local art museum. This one is in Columbus, OH. I was looking at this grated window and the painting beyond when I started to think about a painting being held captive. As my mind wandered, I thought about the fact that all art in museums was held captive. We could only see it during visiting hours on specific days and at a specific location. The matters seemed more dire when I thought about art that was in a private collection. Invisible to most of us.

What kind of art is not held captive? What is the most accessible to the greatest number of people? Street performance? Installations in outdoor public spaces?


3 thoughts on “art in captivity

  1. I never thought about art in this way. So much of it is tied up privately never to be seen. Yet in museums open to the public, we experience constraints, open hours, closures, all too long of queues. Quite thought provoking.


  2. I can’t imagine how much artwork rarely sees the light of day. Even pieces in museum collections may not be regularly displayed for the public to see. I am still thinking about the implications.


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