This month, Kat Sloma has an interesting post about intentially using blur in our photography. My mind instantly thought of motion blur and depth of focus. However, Kat came up with many other thoughtful takes on using blur for artistic purposes.

As usual, Kat's posts have me thinking about my own work and looking for examples of her thoughts in my images.


Walking the Great Wheel


Driving Underground


Looking Down the Steet


Morning Departure


balloon Hats and Banjos


Autumn Old Glass 1


The Out Take


What I learned from looking through my recent images is that most of the blur I use is motion blur. Maybe I need to take Kat's post to heart and think of other forms of blur that I can work into my photography.


7 thoughts on “blur

  1. Great images, Tim! I always love it when you join in. The joy you captured in that last image is incredible. The blur really captures the movement that she was making. I can *see* her moving and hear her laughing through this image. It’s fun to think about all of the different ways you can get blur, isn’t it? Even though you have a favorite, it’s good to explore. Thanks for sharing with Exploring with a Camera!


  2. In revisiting this collection, I am struck by how each one is different in mood and atmosphere, some having great clarity, others soft and subtle…yet with each you’ve achieved such a high level of quality. I love to disappear into the stories of your images!


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