for rent, one American dream

American Dream for Rent

Sunday morning, I had a few minutes to drive around my home town. I was struck by the number of un-occupied homes. Many of them were grand old victorian homes. Some boarded up, some used as low rent housing, and most of them in really poor condition.

I imagine that, at the time they were built, their owners were incredibly proud to have had the opportunity and good fortune to build them. I can imagine that they felt as though they were tasting success. Now, not so much. What's happened to the American dream and how can we get it back? I have no solutions. Just observations and questions.



3 thoughts on “for rent, one American dream

  1. I think the American dream is still alive and well it just depends on your social mobility and bank balance.
    Its unfortunate that so many people are just 1 pay check away from the soup kitchen now whilst the fat cat bankers and dodgy mortgage sales people are long gone…
    Sad but true
    Its the same over here with vacant properties getting their windows tanned in (smashed)


  2. If I were younger, what I wouldn’t give for an old house like that to fix up.
    Is that house near the original Schullers?


  3. Sweet Mama, this is on the west side of town, near the Pennsylvania House. I’ve never taken you there. I think we should add it to our list for your next visit.
    John, I think you and I would get along pretty well. I agree with all of your thoughts. Sad to hear that it’s going on over there as well.


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