clawed foot tub

Clawed foot tub
Clawed Foot Tub


Wouldn't you like to have a steaming soak in this tub for an hour or so? I can imagine that all of your troubles would melt away in no time at all. Here in this house, there are no bath people. We are all fans of the shower. However, I could make an exception for this tub located in the Westcott house, here in Springfield.

When my son, my nephew, and my nieces were young, they all got baths in my parent's huge tub. There were lots of toys for them to play with and they all loved it. However, to them, nothing was better than getting their bath in my mom's kitchen sink. The sink had a double basin and they could play with plastic cups and bowls on one side while my mom washed them on the other. Messes were encouraged. Unfortunately, they grow fast and soon outgrew the sink. As you can imagine, there are plenty of family photos on the subject. I can tell you this much, the kitchen sink is easier on this adults back than the bathtub.


2 thoughts on “clawed foot tub

  1. Awww, all of this resonates deeply with me. I have always loved clawfoot tubs, including the x-shaped knobs, and was lucky enough to live in a house with a nice deep one, for a time. I would often read and listen to music when taking a bath there. It also looked out into a lush garden. Just the best!
    And the bathtub full of kids, and with Mom and babies at the kitchen sink, are all sweet memories for me, too. I love that my nephews are still young enough to enjoy playing in the tub.
    As for me…. your words and image have me planning to go relax in the bath tonight…even tho it’s a small tub, it sounds like something I could really use. Thanks for the inspiration, Tim! ~Amy


  2. Well this is a first. I’ve never inspired anybody to take a bath before. Enjoy!
    When one of my pictures inspires, action, emotion, and memories, I know I’ve done my job. Thank you for such a nice comment, Amy. B&W, I really enjoyed the birthday photos. Loved the milk bar.


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