bath time


I always wonder about cats and their bathing habits. One can be walking along and suddenly, they fall to the ground and start licking away as though the planets had suddenly aligned into their perfect bathing position. Drop whatever you are doing, it’s time to wash up. Just as suddenly, they can stand up and resume their walk, satisfied that they got that one spot perfectly clean.

I have other wonders about cats. However, they can keep for another day. Do you have a cat? What kind of cat behavior do you wonder about?

4 thoughts on “bath time

  1. When our cats have their tail straight up, tip straight or curled, I generally think they are happy. Whole tail shaking… I always think they want to spray to mark their territory, but they cant’t any more.


  2. So typical of my cat when i call her, to look at me briefly and then “dismiss” me as she walks on her way. Such independence cats have. By the way this is a lovely shot of this cat in front of the wagon.


  3. Jeanne, it’s a cat’s sense of independence and their attitude that endears them to me. I just love that they “choose” to let us stay in our home and wait on them hand and foot. Plus, they keep me warm when they sleep in my lap on cold winter weekends.


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