space needle


I don’t care where you are in the Seattle area, there are two landmarks that yo are bound to see. Massive Mount Rainier and the Space Needle. I use the space needle to help me get around because I can always see the saucer on top of it above the tall buildings. At night, it is lit up and is easy to spot. The first two images were taken from Kerry Par, located in Queen Anne neighborhood north of the city. This Is the classic view of the Space Needle and is a favorite of tourists and photographers. Looking from this vantage point, you get the impression that the Space Needle is downtown. It’s not.

This view of the Space Needle was taken from Alki Point, located on a small penninsula called West Seattle. The view of the entire city sky line is gorgeous from this spot. I’ve been here at night, early morning, and in the day. Each visit was fantastic. From this position, we can see that the Space Needle is actually located quite a bit north of the downtown area. Too far to walk, but a short drive or mono-rail ride will get you there in minutes.

This view of the city was taken from Gas Works Park, located on the far side of Lake Union. As you can. Tell, there are many great spots that you can use to photograph the Space Needle and the city lights.

Just remember to bring your tripod. I didnt pack one for this trip and had to scramble for surfaces to support my camera.

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