loading the hay

Loading the Hay 7


We last left the hay making adventure with a full wagon, heading for home. The farmer and his crew went back for another load, returning to the barn only after they had filled all of the wagons.


Loading the Hay 5

Loading the Hay 2


One of the wagons was pulled into the barn and the youngest member of the crew climbed onto the pile of hay to set the claw.


Loading the Hay 8


When he was ready, Charlie set the horses in motion. They were harnessed to a rope that pulled the claw into the air, raising the hay high into the loft.


Loading the Hay 9

Loading the Hay 1

Loading the Hay 4

Loading the Hay 3


Once in the loft, Joe and Jimmy used their pitch forks to move the hay into place.




What is fascinating is how fast the hay moves once the horses take up the slack. I thought you might like to see a video of the motion. Sorry about rotating the camera 90 degrees, it just fit the scene better. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “loading the hay

  1. That’s ALMOST as good as being there and actually seeing it. One of these day’s we’ll get to see the farm.


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