bringing in the hay

Making Hay 8


Jimmy, Charley, and Joe started the day by hitching Belle and Jane up to one of the empty hay wagons. The hay needed to be brought in before we got another rain.


Making Hay 7


Then it was off to the fields where the hay had already been cut and was lying in wind rows.


Making Hay 6

Making Hay 5


A hay conveyor was hitched to the back of the hay wagon. The conveyor's job is to lift the hay from the ground and deliver it to the back of the hay waggon.


Making Hay 4


Joe and Jimmy then moved the hay towards the front of the wagon using their pitch forks.


Making Hay 2


Belle and Jane pulled the entire train up one row and down another until it was full.


Making Hay 3

Making Hay 1


At that point, the entire team made the turn for home, delivering the hay back to the barn. There is still another wagon to load before they can break for lunch.


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