sewing squares

Sewing Quilt Squares 3


Sewing Quilt Squares 2


Sewing Quilt Squares 1


I spent a couple hours at the farm on Saurday. There was a lot going on. Volunteers planted over 1,000 trees, Duke and Belle were hitched to the plow and began the process of turnng over the heavy wet soil. In the house, Debbie was sewing quilt squares on one of the hand cranked sewing machines.

She had a stack of fabric and asked me to pick out some that she would use. With the fabric in hand, she cut it into smaller squares and then sewed them together on the machine. Once assembled, she then used the old iron to press the square flat.

If you live in the Dayton area, the sheep sheering will occur on April 15th. While the men are sheering, the women typically spin processed wool into yarn. If you have never seen them all in action, you might want to stop by.


3 thoughts on “sewing squares

  1. Tim. You never cease to amaze me with your innate ability to not only capture the moment but also to be able to capture the emotion in that moment! You sir are a true artist!


  2. Have you been annoying those people and horses at the farm again, Tim?
    Question: do you share the photos with the people? I’m sure they would appreciate it.
    I’m with Mike. I always feel at ease looking at your photos. Like an old friend they have a calming effect. It’s as though you have taken the tension out of the world and presented it to me just to admire and read my own little story into each one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; you’re heads in a good space and it’s nice to have a camera between it and where you are.
    Nice to know you


  3. Mike & Tom, thank you for your great comments.
    Tom – I do share the images with them. They also regularly visit this blog. I am working on a photo book about the farm. Something to thank them for their patience and their willingness to open up to me and let me into their lives. They are wonderful people.
    Thank you both for your support. It has taken me a long way over the last year.


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