sunrise ripples

Sunrise Ripples


Waking up early is part of my daily routine. On week days, this leads to getting ready for work and the long drive in. On the weekend, the time is spent surfing, reading and going for walks at the lake. I look forward to watching the sun rise. During this particular morning, as I watched the sun coming up through the trees, a fish jumped in front of me. I was too late to catch the fish, but we can see the ripples that resulted.

In processing this image, I really selectively pushed the saturation. Blues, reds and yellows were all given a heavy hand to make the colors pop. I hope you enjoy the photo.


3 thoughts on “sunrise ripples

  1. It’s got blue which means I automatically love it!! The composition and lighting lends itself to drawing the eye right to the level it needs to be to see the ripples. I’d say that you need to go back and offer a bucket of worms to the fish that did you this great favor!!


  2. Mike, you have a point, I need to properly thank that fish.
    Summer, I hope you do use your camera every day that you can. While, I don’t have that ability, I do take it with me wherever I go and use it as much as possible.


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