last weekend

Jim and Gerd


Last weekend Jim, Gerd, and I met for lunch in Yellow Springs. Chili Fires, Sandwiches, and cold beer were on the menu and we made the most of them. After lunch, we decided to go for a hike along the LIttle MIami River, where it flows through Clifton Gorge. The temperatures were just above freezing and the snow was falling, but the hike was fantastic and it felt good to be back in the woods again.


River Root


The river was swollen from the rains the fell over the previous few days. The Canada Geese had already arrived and were fighting over the best stretch of the river for nesting. There is nothing else that quite sounds like three pair of geese that want the same spot.


Mossy Rock


The only green in sight was the moss that covered many of the rocks and fallen trees. All else was the standard mix of winter greys and browns.


Winter Leaves


It felt so good to be back in nature after our annual winter hibernation, that I am seriously thinking about repeating the experience today. Mother Nature, here comes your son.


One thought on “last weekend

  1. Still waiting for motivation here! Did you notice that your mossy rock kinda looks like a chubby chia pet face??


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