patience please

Rain and Bus


To be honest, the posts this week have been…. well, they have been a little weak. Due to a combination of bad weather and a cluster of particularly nasty migraine head aches, I have hardly even lifted my camera since Saturday morning. My typical day has consisted of going to work, coming home and going to bed. Hopefully the weather and the pain will clear by the weekend.

I do have an interesting idea for a weekend shoot. We just finished building and decorating a new laundry room. I am planning a photo shoot of the new area. Think of it as a mock interior fashion shoot. Bright colors, plenty of good light, and lots of decorating by Jodi. All of these should combine to create a nice subject. We might even get a new Jodi-ism out of the experience.

I also want to visit the cormorants I found in the fall and see how they are doing. I have a new 70-210mm f2.8 and a 1.4x extension tube that I would like to try on them.

I hope you have interesting plans for your weekend.


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