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Winter Tree


Feast your eyes upon one very lonely tree named Bryan. Didn't know that trees had names like Bryan? They do and, as I mentioned, they also can be lonely. Bryan has been standing here for many years and unfortunately, as you can see, he stands alone. It's not that he couldn't have friends and companions. Bryan is a very friendly and outgoing sort of tree. Unfortunately, nobody has ever seen fit to plant another tree nearby.

What Bryan needs is a girlfriend. A lady tree to keep him company. Perhaps one of you fine people reading this has a spring catalog of plants, bushes and trees sitting on your cofee table. Maybe you even feel sorry for Bryan's plight and are willing to help a good tree out of his predicament. 

If you are of a mind to make a lonely tree happy, pick up that catalog and order Bryan a companion. Maybe a nice maple to see him through his years. If you think the maple might be a little too flashy, I suppose he might also like a kind, friendly poplar.


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