uncomfortable mo

Irrigation 1


I have a friend named Mo. It is one of Mo's pleasures to create photographs that make the viewer uncomfortable. I don't know why, but then, I don't know why she is named Mo either. However, Mo's delight in uncomfortable images has gotten me thinking about this image that I took a couple weekends ago. It makes me uncomfortable.

I don't like to be uncomfortable looking at my own images. I tend to want my photos to embrace me with comfort. I want my eye to flow smoothly into the image and rest on the subject without any effort at all. I work hard to make that transition from reality to the image as smooth as possible. 

After giving the photo some thought, I believe that what throws me off in this image is that the irrigation system recedes to the left, away from the center of the image, instead of towards the center of the image.


Irrigation 2


In this second image of the same irrigation system, I framed the photo so that the irrigation system recedes towards the center of the photo. I am much more comfortable with this image than the first. I also like the parallel lines formed by the edge of the road and the edge of the plowed field. Comfort and balance. Peace with the world. 

I don't know which image is the better image from a technical standpoint. I don't really care. I do know that I prefer the comfort of a balanced image. Evidently, I don't want to work too hard when looking at a photo. I will leave that to Mo. Me? I am a lazy viewer.

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