winter grass part one

Cold Morning Walk Color


Sunday morning, just before dawn, I got up and drove over to the lake, hoping to shoot something interesting in the morning light. What I did not plan on was the frigid temperatures. The thermometer in my car registered only 1F. Too cold for a long walk. So, I drove around for a bit, looking for The Picture that I knew must be out there waiting on me.

As I made the turn for home, I spotted this grass, bronze in the predawn light. I quickly set up the camera and took four shots. Then I ran back to the car as fast as I could. I don't like this kind of cold at all.

Here, I've left the color and cropped to a 2×1 ratio. Tomorrow, I will show you the dame image converted to B&W and left at a 3×2 ratio.

Look at the two images and let me know which version you think is the best and why. That is your assignment… just give me your opinion. The hard part will be to put into words why you like the image you pick.

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