fourteen months

Fourteen Months


If you are a photographer, you probably put a lot of effort into creating images of places you have visited, friends and family, or special occasions. Then what? You might post them online, e-mail them to friends, and maybe you print some of them out so that you can place them in an album or post them on the refrigerator with a banana magnet (only the best photos get to use the banana magnet.) If you are particularly fond of an image, you might even print one large so that you can hang it on the wall.

Have you ever thought about putting them into a book and having them printed? 

There is nothing quite like seeing your photos printed in a book that you can share with other people. I create an annual book of my favorite photos of the preceding year. I also create a book for every destination vacation and give one to every one that traveled with me. You can see my latest annual photo book, titled fourteen months here: Download fourteen months.pdf (Its a big file at 160Mb).

With today's digital printing technology, printing your own custom photo book is affordable. From small pocket sized paperbacks to large hard bound coffee table books, there is probably a size and style that fits your needs perfectly.

If you have an Apple Mac, you already have alll the software you need on your computer in the form of iPhoto. However, there are a lot of other options available for Apple and PCs. Blurb, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak and many more all come to mind. There are many companies offering similar services, just search Google for "custom photo books."


Check these out:







I have used Aperture, Blurb, and iPhoto publishing services. The Apple products (Aperture and iPhoto) both offer nearly identical services and very good quality. Blurb offers an excellent option for Adobe InDesign users in the form of fully customize-able templates.


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