candle power



There is a lot of power in a candle. It can be a source of energy, heating cup of water, spinning a pinwheel, or starting a fire. A candle can set a mood by providing the perfect atmosphere for scary stories or romantic dinners. You can use it to light a room. If a candle is sceneted, maybe its only purpose is to smell good.  Maybe you use your candle to make a wish during a birthday celebration. Put a candle in a window and it can guide somebody home or welcome them to your home.

Perhaps my favorite use for a candle is to use it as a beacon of hope. To ignite dreams and drive darkness away. 

How do you use candles?


2 thoughts on “candle power

  1. I light them to send messages of a prayer in memory or support of those in need.
    We have dinners with one lit.
    We just purchased a Yankee “White Christmas” scented one to scent our house over the holidays.
    Tessie lights one every day when she watches her Mass on TV and lights one with every football or sports game she watches so that no one gets hurt.
    I love the light of a candle.


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