totally unprepared

I'm Not Ready


As a marketing element for a church, I am not so sure that this sign is very effective. I can't imagine that anybody driving along the road is going to look at this message and think to themselves; "You know, that looks like a nice friendly place to worship. I think I'll stop in and check them out."

It's never a good idea to threaten your target audience, implied or otherwise. People just don't react well when suddenly confronted with eternal damnation while driving along the road. Offer them solutions to the problems and choices that they face everyday. Provide them with a sense of support and community and you might see better results. Just cool it on the fire and brimstone. You might want me to be prepared to meet my God, but, to be honest with a message like this, I am certain that I don't want to meet yours.

I'm also intrigued by the obvious corrections that have been made to the sign. I wonder what kind of typos were present. At one time was I supposed to be prepared to "meat" my God? 

What is with the Ye and Thy? Last time that I checked my calendar, this was not 1762. Address your potential members in a language that makes them comfortable. If people think you are out of touch with the times, they are not going to take you seriously.

Lastly, ditch the red and go for a calmer, more comforting color. I would suggest repainting the entire sign and starting over from scratch. Pick a cool green, blue, or dark gray on a neutral background. Change your message to something that will attract instead of repel those that read your sign. A nice sanserif typeface would be reassuring and welcoming. Provide the times of worship as well as a phone number that can be used to get further information.

In short… you need to be better prepared!



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