my birthday hafla

Birthday Hafla


Sometimes you live in a waking dream. A dream so wonderful that you hardly believe it is real. So was my birthday. We celebrated my birthday at a halfla. Not familiar with the term? Hafla translates from Arabic as "party" and is a private event at which belly dancers dance for each other and not for the public. Family and friends tag along but the focus is on the girls showing off  for each other.


Birthday Hafla 4


Although my wife has been belly dancing for years, I have never been able to attend a hafla. I've been invited a few times, but always thought it was really for the girls. This time, Jodi insisted.


Birthday Hafla 6


All evening, I enjoyed watching the girls dance. As different groups of girls showed their skills, they were cheered on by the other girls.


Birthday Hafla 3


Some danced in gropus and others danced individually. There were many troupes fromt eh area in attendance. Almost all of the women you see in the images and at least one of the men are dancers.


Birthday Hafla 5


As much as I enjoyed watching the girls dance, the highlight was when they called me oput ot the center and danced around me with theior veils. Talk about turning red! That is what I call a birthday celebration! Thanks all of you wonderful ladies, I had the best birthday of my life.

 Oh and in the last image, my wife is the pretty one dancing on the right of the image. My life is full of suffering.


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