glass blows

Adding Cobalt Blue


Yesterday, I had the unexpected opportunity to see a glass blower in action. Turned out to be a wonderful surprise. I was in Columbus for a meeting that lasted till lunch time. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to stop by the Franklin Park Conservatory to see the flowers and the butterflies. Surprise! Glass blowing in the courtyard. I sat and watched the artist for over an hour. The entire time I was there, he kept up a rolling banter about what he was doing and why it was important. He took questions and gave great answers, often demonstrating his point by changing his technique.

If you are in the area, glass blowers are on site, working daily, until two in the afternoon, seven days a week. Enjoy the following images of the artist in action. I won't narrate them as I believe they are pretty self explanatory.


The Glory Hole


Adding Stripes


All Hot and Bothered


Shaping by Hand


Forming the Neck


Re Heating


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