The flavor of the festival is in the crowd

Hippy Girls


The girls danced this festival last summer for the first time and I distinctly remember the crowd being much rowdier. From crazy loudmouths to rather laid back hippies. The flavor of the new audience was much improved over all. Instead of howling and hooting at the girls, this crowd applauded, cheered and danced along with them.


Hippy Crowd


There was still plenty of smoking and drinking of all kinds, but the audience was far more family friendly.


Dancing for All Ages


Did I mention the Hula-hoops? Because, there were a lot of Hula-hoops and somebody forgot to tell me that they had come back. Combined with the hippie kids, you could be forgiven for having flashbacks to the sixties especially if you are around my age.


Hula-hoops 1


Hula-hoops 2


I have to tell you, when your wife it going to belly dance infront of a huge audience at a music festival, hula-hoops kind of sets your mind at ease. Hula-hoops and young kids are definitely a good sign.



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