the heat is gone!

Hazy Days of Summer


Finally, the heat has broken and we are enjoying cool days. I would say perfect days. The temperatures at night are in the upper 50s and the temperatures during the day are in the upper 70s. Perfection! Thank you Ma Nature for laying off the heat this week.

I shot this cat at the end of the heat wave during a photo outing with my friend Jim last weekend. The poor critter didn't want to move. The day was beginning to get hot and the cat was cool laying on the porch.

When approaching this shot, I decided that placing the focus on the feet while the head was visible in the background would be interesting. I like the way it elongates the cat by forcing the eye to start at the cat's feet. Your eye naturally wants to go to the cat's head. Paws + Head = Elongated cat.

Bet you didn't know I could control your eyes that way, did you? I'll bet that, after moving to the head, your eyes went back to the cat's rear paws. Let that be a lesson to you. I don't have to stop at controlling your eyes. I can control your mand and your body as well. 

Watch this:


send me a pie, make me a cherry pie and send it to me


Did you suddenly have the urge to bake a cherry pie and send it to me? Internet magic is a powerful thing. I'll try to use it responsibly.


send Tim a cherry piiiiieeeeeee



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