god, king, and country

Leading the Charge


Leftenant Stewart Copeland of the King's Own, 5th Hussars didn't see himself as a hero. He was only a soldier with a job to do. He had men that counted on him and expected him to make the right decisions at the right time and hopefully get them all out alive.


The Enemy


The enemy had shown up in force, appearing in long dark lines across the field of battle. They were here for the same reason, doing their own duty to their god, their king, and their country.


At the Rear


It was Copeland's duty to be the first out of the trenches, leading from the front. How he wished that he could be in the rear, cozy and safe from the enemy.


Behind Enemy Lines


The mission was a good one and the planning was sound. They had practiced and rehearsed until every man knew his job inside and out. Copeland looked at his watch one more time. Midnight and time to go. Silently, the Leftenant slipped over the top of the trench and led his men into no man's land. Ready or not, they were on their way. To glory or to their death.



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