maria spelterini wanted to fly

On the Flying Trapeze


Moths and butterflies flew. Flies, beetles, and gnats could fly as well. Why couldn't spiders? This was a question that Maria asked all the time she grew up. Her mother didn't have much patience with the question. She wanted Maria to be happy as a spider, just like all of her 836 brothers and sisters. Her mother always answered by asking Maria why she had to be different? Having eight legs and the ability to spin webs didn't make her special enough?

The lack of positive support didn't change the fact that Maria dreamed of flying. She would watch all the winged bugs fly overhead and dream. Maria just knew that, if she could fly, she would be able to see the world outside of the window that her family lived on. She would be able to sail from one end of the skies to another.

Sometimes Maria dwelled on the thought of flying for days on end and would forget to eat. With that in mind, Maria's family never knew that Maria had figured out how to solve the problem. Before they knew what was happening, it was too late.

On a warm summer day Maria climbed to the top of the window and spun a single silken thread. She spun and spun until the thin line reached below the windowsill. When the thread became long enough, the breeze caught it and began to tug at Maria, holding tight to the other end. Maria spun faster and faster as excitement built inside of her. When she thought that she could spin no longer, a strong gust grabbed ahold of the gossamer thread and Maria was airborne in a single incredible jerk.

Maria's thread was like a kite in the wind. She rose faster than she could ever have imagined. Her home on the window, next to the dirty glass, grew smaller and smaller until it vanished from sight. Soon, Maria was flying over ponds, fields and forests. Maria's dream had come true, she was flying! She passed all of the other bugs, waving and grinning. "I am flying, I am flying!" Maria would gleefully shout as she wizzed by them on the wind…  flying!

As Maria disappeared from sight, her mother shook her head. That child is crazy, she thought. Who ever heard of a flying spider?

Have you ever heard of a flying spider? If you have, I'll bet it was Maria. She is out there someplace. If you are lucky enough to see her dangling from her silky thread, wave at the spider and shout; "Go Maria, go! Live your dreams girl. Fly from one end of the sky to the other!"

If you listen very quietly, you will hear a small giggle as Maria Spelterini, the flying spider, follows her dream.


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