i win! i win!

Flower Vase 6


Remember this still life image from last week? Looks like the hard work paid off. The photo was honored as the photo of the week at Light Stalking. If you have not checked out their inspiring and helpful photo website, you should.

You can see the image and it's results here: Light Stalking.


Reflected Expanse


This is my second image to be picked as an image of the week. My foggy morning image, "Reflected Expanse", was given the same honor last month. In just a year, my photography has come a long way and I can chalk it up to the following:

1. I shoot a lot. Almost everyday.

2. My camera goes with me everywhere and I rarely miss an image because I left my camera at home.

3. I have become active on flikr, Light Stalking and other photography communities.

4. I study. Through the library, online, and by asking friends, I have been actively investigating new techniques and learning the basics.

5. I ask for honest feed back and criticism. It is always nice to get positive comments but the critical guidance is what has allowed me to grow as a photographer.

6. I follow my curiosity. When I wonder how somebody got a certain shot, I go and find out.

Some of the photographers that have been inspirational and helpful to me with their generous time and advice include: Renee Stewart Jackson, Tom Dinning, Rachel Davies, Kathleen Connolly, and many many others. It is almost unfair to make a list because I have so many influencers, teachers, and supporters.

I may not be as good as I would like to be … yet. However, I am working hard and surrounding myself with selfless friends that are willing and able to help me get there.


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