we went looking for flowers

Natures Fan


Jodi took a few days off this week so that she could rest, relax, and spend some time with me. On Wednesday, we took advantage of the time together and drove down ti Cincinnati to visit Krohn Conservatory, a flower destination on the side of Mount Adams. If you live in the area, you can easily spend a day visiting the conservatory and walking around the shops and restaurants of Mount Adams. If that is not enough for you, the zoo and public gardens are only a couple minutes away by car.


Yellow Blades


This was our first trip to the Krohn and we were not disappointed at all. The building is divided into areas such as Desert, tropical, etc. I think you can spend a couple of hours in the building if you are a photo or flower nut. Beware though, that there is a lot of humidity in most of the areas. Jodi suffers from asthma and she could not spend much time in the orchid room, though, the dry desert area suited her just fine.

So, looking for someplace to spend a couple of relaxing hours and also packed with photo opportunities? Visit your local conservatory, botanical garden, or arboretum. You are guaranteed to have a nice experience. We only went looking for flowers and ended up relaxed and happy that we could spend the day together.


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