fishies, fishies everywhere

Fish 2


You know those days where everything clicks perfectly? All of your plans work out just like you envisioned. The people you are with are all having fun and enjoying being together. Sunday was a day just like that. After a fantastic breakfast and a bit of a sleep in, friends and family met together at the Georgia Aquarium. I had only been there once before, just after the place opened. At that time, the crowds were so large that I could not see anything. Sunday, the crowds were much smaller and we had time to stand or sit and watch the wonderful sea life.


Water Window


Gerd and Cindy, Scott and Stephanie, Josh, and I… we made a pretty cool team. Everybody was just as enthralled with the watery critters.


Black Tipped Shark


Fish 1




Wonder Wall


Dolphins 1


Whale Shark


Garden Eels


We saw sharks, whales, porpoises, fish, crabs, snakes, rays, eels, star fish, jelly fish, otters, seals, and sea horses. I know that I must be forgetting many others. I was surprised at how well we were able to shoot through the thick glass. The tanks were well lit and we were standing in dim light, which led to vivid and bold blues and interesting silhouettes.


Child Wonder


This image shows how I felt at the aquarium. Even as an adult, I was in wonder at what we were watching. If you are in Atlanta and have a few hours to spend, give some thought to visiting the Georgia Aquarium. You are guaranteed to come out feeling like a kid again. I would recommend Sundays through Thursday.


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