Mushrooms 1


I've discovered these tiny little mushrooms growing under the tomato plants in my parents garden. They are only about two inches tall and come out in the early morning moisture. The afternoon heat dries them out but, they are back the next morning.


Mushrooms 2


These images are inspired by Anna, who takes the most wonderful images of tiny mushrooms and fungi. Her images are almost etherial in nature and I have wanted to try my own hand at her style of image for some time now.


Mushrooms 3


Auto focus is surprisingly difficult with these images. If I return to take another shot this week, I will switch to manual focus (not my strong point) and give it a go.


4 thoughts on “mushrooms

  1. I love thee delicate little studies. The first one is especially pretty. I love how the mushrooms change when dry, but that they come back again… you have a good eye for things that could easily be overlooked. Seeing deeply is your talent, for sure.


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