bird feeding

bird feeder


Here in my parent's back yard, feeding birds is taken very seriously. From suet to multiple types of seeds, there is a buffet of gastronomical choices for the birds. I counted seven different feeders and I am sure that I missed some.

All these tempting choices mean that the birds are ever present. Ranging from humming birds to enormous crows, we have been enjoying a real cross section of southern bird society. My favorite? Those giant crows. They are gorgeous with their sleek black feathers and intense eyes. Close behind them would be the ever present mourning doves. I just love their little grey frocks. 

Today a different kind of bird will be flying in. My friends Cindy and Gerd arrive by plane. Cindy is coming all the way from Germany. We are pretty excited about their visit and have lots of activities and menus planned around their stay. Having fun and eating well are two staples in the lives of my family. We don't like to suffer.


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