barn swallows – almost great

Barn Swallows


This is one of those images that just doesn't make the grade. I think it could have been a fine image. In the end, the picture is just too soft and no amount of sharpening is going to make it live up to its potential.

Exposure 0.067 sec (1/15)
Aperture f/5.6
Focal Length 55 mm
ISO Speed 1600


If we dissect the EXIF data, we can see a suspect in the shutter speed (exposure). Even when combined with an ISO of 1600 (the image was taken inside of a barn)  1/15th of a second is pretty slow for hand held shooting.

However, I suspect the real culprit is the fact that I was standing on tip toe, holding the camera above my head, and using the live view 2.75 inch display to focus. I don't see evidence of the shaking that you would normally see with long exposures. Instead of shaking, the entire image is just a bit soft. I think we can convict my bad attempt at focusing of the crime.


One thought on “barn swallows – almost great

  1. From a technical standpoint, you may be right. I’m not the expert here but from a viewer’s standpoint, I loved it.
    I could just see them wondering who that was, why was he there and is he dangerous. Just look at the work that they put into that nest. What a neat picture.
    I’m so glad that you posted this one.


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