building walls



One of the common features of my parents yards has aways been the rock walls that snake their way around the house and gardens, framing in the yard or bordering the drive. My father will spend years building them, using rocks gathered far and wide. When my parents move on to a new home, he starts the process all over again.

Many hours of the youth of my siblings and me was spent helping to gather the rocks. Usually the process consisted of my father driving like mad down back roads until he saw a good candidate. He would then slam on his brakes and all of the kids and grand kids piled out and wrangled the unsuspecting boulder into the van. I am sure that we startled many an onlooker over the years.

Once home, the rock would be added to a growing pile of similar stones until Dad had enough to continue building on the wall or until the project was finished. The result has always been the same. Gorgeous gardens and yards, all accessorized with their own custom built stone wall.


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