when I was a chief



That's me on the right, the last time I was in charge. My younger brother is in the middle, still wearing a back cast. My older sister is on the left. Aparently, she had something tasty on her fingers.

I had an assignment on another site that required me to post some images of myself, when I was young. I knew which one I wanted to use, but it took me a little while to find it on a little used back up drive. To be honest, it took me a little while to find the back up drive.

As usual, when I finally gave in and asked my wife if she remembered seeing the drive, she reached out and plucked it out of thin air. I think she has a little magic running throuh her as she does this all of the time. She even teased me about it. "What are you looking for? You know I'll find it right away."

And, she did. She is the boss of me now.


4 thoughts on “when I was a chief

  1. Deb, could you handle a visit from me sometime in the summer? I am thinking about heading up that way. Maybe a long weekend kind of thing.
    Deborah, It’s nice having a spouse that can find things. 🙂


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