poultry fashion review

French Chicken


I don't know about this chicken. The bird kind of looks French to me. She has that cocky, "I dress better than you" kind of look. French chickens are like that, they think they are better than all the other chickens. American chickens tend to be fat and this one is really trim and fit. You can always tell European chickens by the way they dress. Look at the way she wears her big red comb at a jaunty angle. She makes sure it is just right before she leaves the chicken house.

If you had to place chickens in order based upon how stylish they look, you would rate them in this order:


1. French

2. American

3. English


We can't put German chickens on the list because they have a list all of their own. Don't even talk to me about those Russian chickens.. oh boy, what a mess they are. Do they even try?


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